Best Exercises To Lose Weight From The Stomach

Keeping your weight manageable is really important nowadays in this modern world, and all of us want to look fit and smart. According to many studies, many people have more weight due to their lower body, like belly, lower back, thighs, and hips that make the body look fat.

It is not easy to lose belly fat, but the belly indeed collects fat more than other parts of the body and difficult to lose body fat.

The fat in the belly is known as visceral fat that regulates other parts of the body and causes many illnesses like heart failure, diabetes, kidney, liver failure and many other illnesses.

To keep your body healthy, you should manage your weight and the best ways to reduce weight are exercise and proper diet.

So keep your body active by different exercises.

Do you have more belly fat than other parts of the body?

Do you want to lose belly fat with simple exercises?

So don’t worry. I will focus on exercises that are best for reducing belly fat and make it slim and fit.

Best Exercises For Slim Stomach

Exercises to Lose Weight

Both men and women can perform this exercise as it is best for a slim belly.

These are equipment-free exercises and have less inquiry risk.


Crunch is the most effective exercise for abdominal muscles. When you do this exercise, it will squeeze your abdominal muscles and work on your abs. It is also a great exercise for building muscles around the belly, build six-pack abs, and make your belly muscles tight.

This exercise mainly focuses on abs muscles that exist in the belly.


  • Lay down on a mat, knee bent, hip little up from the ground
  • Bent your hand towards your head
  • Now push your body in the upper direction and squeeze your belly
  • You will feel stretch in your belly
  • Do this exercise 20 reps


It is great for your belly as well as your lower back pain and muscles.

Abs Bicycle

It is another effective exercise that focuses on your stomach muscles and makes your stomach muscles tight.

  • Lay down on a mat
  • Move your hands towards your hand
  • Now move your legs like a bicycle, take your knee towards your chest
  • Attempt 20 reps, ten on each side

You will feel stretch in your belly.

Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber Exercise

This exercise mainly focuses on your upper body parts like arms, chest, shoulders and abs. Mainly it involves all your upper muscles.

  • Take a high plank position
  • Keep your stomach tight
  • Move your knee to your elbow by squeezing your abs muscles
  • Then again, come to your original position
  • Do this act at both sides and then start from the original position.
  • Do this exercise 20 reps

So this exercise makes your belly flat as you feel burn in your stomach fat. It will work for your whole upper body muscles.


Burpees works for both upper and lower muscles. It is a full body exercise that will focus on your upper parts like arms, shoulders, chest, abs. On the other hand, it works on lower body muscles like hips, thighs, legs.


  • Stand straight on the mat
  • Open your legs apart
  • Now go in a squat position
  • Move your body toward the mat as high plank position by hoping your leg back to your body
  • Now rap your body towards your leg and jump straight with your heels and arms towards the roof.

It is an effective and easy exercise to lose your whole bodyweight. It’s not good for only abs, but it is also great for your legs.

Russian Twist

The Russian twist is another exercise that focuses on your abdominal muscles and great for tightening your abs muscles. This can be performed with weights, medicine ball. It straightforward but effective training; you just need to sit on your mat and rotate your upper body in both directions.


  • Sit on a mat with knee bend
  • Keep feet apart from the mat
  • Hold weight or medicine ball in your hand and bring it to your chest
  • Now rotate your body at 45 degrees toward the right, hold for few seconds
  • Come back to the original position and do it with the left side
  • You will feel a great stretch in oblique and feel stretch

This is another great exercise that works best for a flat belly.


Plank exercise

Plank is an exercise that made for a flat belly. It is beneficial for abs.


  • Lay down on a mat, on your front
  • Bend your hand and move your body parallel to the ground
  • Keep on position for 1 minute
  • Repeat it for few more minutes

It is an exercise that focuses on each and every part of the body.

Leg Lifts

Leg lift is another one of the best exercises that work for abs and lower parts of the body like hips and thighs.

  • Lay down on the mat with the help of your back support
  • Now move your legs up to the roof and bring them slowly towards the ground
  • It will involve your belly muscles together with hip and leg muscles
  • Repeat this exercise for 20 reps

Walking And Running

Walking and running are two easy ways to lose body fat in any part of your body, from chest to legs. Walking and running are great for keeping your body healthy and fit. It also prevents you from many diseases like cancer, heart failure, kidney failure and diabetes. You can slow to high it depends on your stamina and body weight.

But you should do it for 30 to 40 minutes per day.

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Belly fat is possible if you take a proper diet and do regular exercise. It is essential that you should eat a good diet and able to manage your stress.  Stress is the most popular reason for gaining weight, so involving you in yoga, meditation, outing, and keeping yourself happy is really important.

Do things that you like and spend time with people you love. It is essential to give away stress and sleep properly as they cause hunger and stress hormones that make your weight loss harder.

So be happy and keep working.